Tony with Lee, Tara and Poppy at home on the farm.

Hi I'm Tara, I live on a dairy farm on the Taieri Plains, Outram, Dunedin, with my husband Tony and our two wonderful kids Lee and Poppy.  They are the most amazing, happy people and really support me with my photography, especially as I am always pointing the camera at them, testing out new techniques

I am also that girl with a tan caused by the overuse of wearing gumboots and shorts to work.  I have worked for Asurequality for the past 15 years testing cattle for Tuberculosis (TB), I am lucky enough to get to go to some pretty picturesque farms with landscapes that are absolutely breathtaking.  After the kids were born I went back to work part time so I could spend time with the kids and still have the time to undertake my love for photography

The people I have met on my travels with Asurequalitly and have gotten to know over the years have inspired me to photograph them in the collection of black and white portraits in the gallery.  They are just going about their everyday activities that most of us take for granted.  I wanted to photograph them exactly how I see them when I go visit their farms

I love all types of photography, I have no specific genre, but I really love photographing weddings from the start where bride gets ready, putting on a special gown to the very end where we can go outside and take some fun images in the dark, special memories that are made forever and don't worry, no, I won't wear my gumboots to a wedding.  However I will put them back on to photograph a good landscape.  The image below was taken from the Three Kings, Maungatua overlooking the Taieri Plains, my house is down there somewhere

Overlooking the Taieri Plains, from the Three Kings, Maungatua

special memories that are made forever.